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Our Tartans

Nova Scotia 

The Nova Scotia Tartan was designed by artist Bessie Baily Murray. In 1953 she created a fabric mural depicting Nova Scotia rural life. On this mural was a shepherd wearing a kilt of blue, green,red, yellow and white. It was officially adopted as Canada's first official tartan in 1955.
Each colour represents what makes Nova Scotia unique.
BLUE for the sea. GREEN (light& dark) for our trees, evergreen and deciduous. WHITE for the whitecaps on the ocean. YELLOW for the Royal Charter. RED for the lion on the flag of Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton

Cape Breton has long been considered the cultural centre of Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is well known for music, dance and the retention of the Gaelic language.
The colours of the Cape Breton Tartan are based on the poem Ode to Cape Breton.
GREY for our Cape Breton steel. GOLD for the golden sunsets on the Bras D'Or lakes. GREEN for our mountains, valleys and fields. BLACK represents the long history of coal mining

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Tartan

The New Brunswick Tartan was designed by the Loom Crofter's Guild of Gagetown and was registered in 1959. The colours of the tartan represent all that makes New Brunswick unique.
GREEN for the long history of forestry  and agriculture. BLUE for the costal and inland waters. GOLD symbolizes the wealth of the province. RED for the loyalty and devotion of the early settlers.
Prince Edward Island

The provincial Tartan of Prince Edward Island was designed by Mrs Jean Reid in 1960. It was adopted as the official provincial tartan in 1964. This date marks the 100th anniversary of The Charlottetown Conference which set in motion the move toward Confederation. REDDISH BROWN signifies the redness of the soil. GREEN represents the grass and trees. WHITE  is for the whitecaps on the waves. YELLOW for the sun shining bright on our gentle island.


Newfoundland Tartan

The official tartan of Newfoundland and Labrador was designed in 1955 by Samuel B. Wilansky, a local store owner on Water Street in St. John's. It was registered in the Court of the Lord Lyon in 1973. The white, gold, and yellow come from the province's official anthem,"Ode to Newfoundland".
GREEN represents the pine forests. WHITE represents snow. BROWN represents the mineral riches of the land. YELLOW is for the sun. RED represents the Royal Standard

British Columbia

British Columbia Tartan


Alberta Tartan


Saskatchewan Tartan


Manitoba Tartan


Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Tartan

The Maple Leaf is Canada's most recognized symbol. The Maple Leaf Tartan was created by David Weiser in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Canada's confederation in 1967. He chose colours to represent the seasonal changes of the maple leaf. It was designed to be worn by Canadians from all backgrounds, regardless of their ancestry, as a symbol of national pride.This tartan was approved for use by the Canadian Armed Forces in 1970.  It was officially declared the National Tartan of Canada in 2011.

Royal Stewart

Royal Stewart Tartan

Dress Stewart

Dress Stewart Tartan

Black Watch

Black Watch Tartan

Royal Canadian Air Force

Royal Canadian Air Force Tartan