Handcrafted in Nova Scotia since 1992
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Handcrafted in Atlantic Canada Since 1992 


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Most items are made to order. Please allow at least seven days for production. Complicated and/or multi-item orders could take longer.

Creative and a little bit sassy, Heather Knight has been professionally handcrafting clothing since 1992.

The influence of Celtic and Atlantic Canadian culture is apparent in everything she makes. 

“Atlantic Canada is my business and my life. Our product evolved here and is so influenced by this place that even when I sell it outside the region it is because it’s from Atlantic Canada.”  

Want to know what sort of shenanigans Heather gets up to on a daily basis? Follow her social media, where you will see loads of custom bespoke pieces as they are created. Heather's designs are wildly popular with customers around the world. She thrives on custom orders for clients, and is easily bribed with cookies and tea if you’re looking for a unique gift.


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