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Shawl/Scarf Fastener


The shawl pin is made from lead-free pewter, raised or domed in the centre to make pinning your shawl or scarf easier, and includes one pewter pin. These are a simply and stylish way to secure your favourite wrap and keep it in place.

Four Corners Measures 2.25" across the face, there is lots of room for placing the pin making this a good choice for fine fabric scarves as well

Iona is named for a small island of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland, is a traditional circular Celtic knot. The lovely Iona measures 2"

Cat Nap is a relaxed creature snoozing in a woven basket. You can also relax knowing that your shawl is held in place with the purr-fect pin. Cat Nap measures 2.25". 

Square Key is a Celtic maze pattern where the is no wrong path or dead end, all paths are right paths but different. Measuring 2.25".

Lindisfarne is a bold Celtic spiral pattern measuring 2.75" across the face. Spirals are a pan-continental symbol that have been seen in cultures around the globe for millennia. Ever present in nature, and representational of the life-cycle, the spirals of the Lindisfarne move both in sunrise and anti-sunrise directions. 

Temple Spiral, like the Lindisfarne, is Celtic spiral pattern. This circle measures 2.25".

The Celtic Mandala is a stunning blend of spiral and maze work. It has a large centre hole making it a superb pin for your delicate fabric scarves. Measuring 2.25".

Claddagh Ireland is home of the Claddagh, representing love, loyalty, and friendship. This shawl fastener holds a hammer textured crowned heart in its hands which move into a Celtic braid. Claddagh measures 2" across the face.

Butterfly  Legend has it that wishes whispered to butterflies will come true. The lovely Burrerfly measures 2.5"

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