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Catnip Mousie

Glen has tested the new catnip mouse toy that Barbi and I created for  cat rescue.
From Glen, "Cool...dude...Man, that s**t's so potent it made my head spin. Dude...pass the kitty treats. I got the munchies"

11.5x8cm / 4.5x3 inches
100% of the money collected from the sale of these wee mousies is being donated to Spay Day HRM. The Spay Day HRM Society is a Registered Charity located in Halifax, N.S. They assist people on low income to have their cat spayed/neutered and they rescue/adopt out cats and kittens. 

100% of the proceeds (minus processing fees and shipping) are being donated to Spay Day HRM. Because the "sale" is a donation the mice are tax free but the shipping is not.
If you prefer to donate directly to Spay Day you can do so HERE
Email us confirmation of your donation, select "Shipping Only" from the drop down menu. You will be billed for shipping only and we will ship the appropriate number of mice, based on your donation amount.

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